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  • DS-CO2-20
  • DS-CO2-20
  • DS-CO2-20
  • DS-CO2-20
Main characteristics
 Dual wavelength
 Industrial-grade Precision
 Minuscule Size
  • ParameterIndexUnit
    PrinciplePrinciple of  nonspectral infrared absorption
    Effective   Range400~3000ppm
    Maximum Range400~5000ppm
    Maximum Consistency Error±50ppm+5% of Reading
    Response Time<3 minutes for 90%   step changemin
    Single Update<3 (Typical 1s)S
    Warm Up Time<25s (operational)
    <2min(90% accuracy)
    <10min (maximum accuracy)
    DC Power   SupplyTyp:5.0 Min:4.5 Max:   5.5Volt(V)
    Active Current400mA peak ,40mA averageMilliampere(mA)
    Interface   LevelL <0.8 @3.3 H >2.7@3.3Volt(V)
    Working   Temperature Range-10~+50
    Working   Humidity Range0~85% non condensed
    Storage   Temperature Range-40~+75
    Life Time≥10Year(Y)
    Physical Size   ** 30×20×9.6Millimeter(mm)
    Pin Gap2Millimeter(mm)